Care for your walls

A fresh new coat of paint can bring life to your house. Daily living can cause smudges, smears, and fingermarks, (especially if we have small children around), blemishing the charm of walls. Whether you just painted or it's just routine maintenance, you can keep your walls clean with just a few simple steps.

Cleaning painted walls

Get ready to bring your walls back to life! Cleaning walls is a big job, be prepare to move all furniture to the center of the room, remove all pictures and decorations hanging, and lay down some old sheets or a canvas. Tip: Do not use plastic as it doesn't allow water to absorb and can become slippery​. To protect your hands, cover all nails with a piece of household sponge.

Get your cleaning supplies ready: a good duster, white cleaning clothes, a sponge Tip: Do not use colored sponges as the artificial color can stain your light-colored walls, and two clean buckets one for the cleaning solution and the other for clean water. Make sure to also get some resistant rubber gloves and a stepladder for those hard to reach places.

Lets clean

In one bucket mix the wall-cleaning solution. For a normal soil wall, try a mild detergent that consists of:

- 4 liters of water

- A good squeeze of your favorite dish washing detergent.

If your walls are heavily soiled, try this stronger solution. Tip; To prevent the solution from pealing the paint or lightening your walls try a spot-test first. Add the following components to your bucket and give it a good stir before you start:

- 4 liters of warm water

- 1 cup of non sudsing ammonia

- 1 cup or white vinegar

- 1 cup or baking soda or Borax

Getting rid of the Dust

Getting rid of the dust is always easier than mud, start by removing any dust from your walls. Gently run the duster throughout the wall before bringing moisture into the equation. If you don't have a duster you can use your handy vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum cleaner's extension wand and bristle brush head (the one used for upholstery) to remove dust and cobwebs from walls and woodwork.

Top to bottom

Drips are inevitable when washing walls. They tend to run down and leave long muddy stains. To prevent this from happening, wash your walls from top to bottom. You might get some drips on the already clean area; but a quick swipe with the sponge should do the trick.

Dip the sponge into the solution water, and rub the wall gently to avoid peeling the paint. Work in small areas, washing and using the sponge to rinse with clean water. To finish, wipe the excess moisture with a dry cleaning cloth.

Push yourself

Remember to always wash your walls from top to bottom and side-to-side. If you need to take a break, do it between walls not in the middle. Stopping mid way can cause wash-marks. To avoid this wash the entire wall in one go, using the same type of strength and cleaning solution.


You are done! Now go on and enjoy your clean walls.

Warning: Never let small children or pets around while using the cleaning solution, as it might be toxic or harmful to them.

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